Performance Guarantee

Finally, a team-focused training and development program with measurable, guaranteed results.

If we can't guide your team or work group to at least 20% greater performance in the next 12 months, we will refund 100% of your monthly subscription fees. Conditions apply - see below.

If your team’s performance fails to improve by at least 20% in 12 months, we will refund 100% of your monthly forum subscription fees provided that: 

  1. Your team purchased and paid for a monthly CopperTeams training subscription for 12 consecutive months.

  2. Your team’s attendance at the Launch Workshop is 100%.  This is a critical experience to align everyone and achieve buy-in for the efforts required.

  3. Your team’s attendance at monthly forum sessions did not drop below 80% at any point in time.   You must practice together to grow. 

  4. Your team used and practiced the learning tools provided by Copper Teams or those tools that were already in use within your team that Copper Teams agreed were equivalent.  Example:  You were already using a DiSC personality profile.  You asked Copper Teams if DiSC would be considered equivalent in learning value to the SDI (recommended personality psychometric in the Copper Teams Program) and Copper Teams agreed in writing that DiSC was equivalent to SDI. 

  5. Your team has completed a Forum Pulse survey for all forum sessions.  This data is crucial for the CopperTeams trainers to refine and adjust the Program dynamically to meet your needs.   Your trainer may elect to ask for live feedback at the end of a training forum as an alternate to completing a Forum Pulse survey. 

  6. Your team completed a Meeting Pulse survey for 75% of your regularly scheduled team meetings throughout the training period and shared this data with CopperTeams promptly after all meetingsThis data is crucial for your CopperTeams trainer to support your team’s growth and development and to adjust the Program dynamically to meet your needs. 

  7. Your team score, as determined by the full CopperTeams Assessment diagnostic, is less than 20% higher than your team’s Baseline CopperTeams Diagnostic score that was captured at the beginning of your CopperTeams engagement. 

  8. Your team agreed upon, and provided near-term (1-3 month) goals, written in the SMART or OKR format, to CopperTeams before Forum #3 if these goals were not provided at the beginning of your CopperTeams engagement.   Your total CopperTeams Diagnostic score includes a blend of both soft and hard metrics to function as a leading indicator of your team’s future performance.  The hard metrics are defined as your near-term goals written in SMART or OKR format.   If you meet these goals, your CopperTeams score increases.   As you learn, practice, and demonstrate new teamwork soft skills, your combined CopperTeams score also increases. 

  9. Your team agreed to take on, experiment with, and practice all CopperTeams “Critical Suggestions”, provided from time-to-time by your CopperTeams trainer.   These “Critical Suggestions” are intended to be infrequent, and to help a team break through a particular performance barrier that has been observed by the trainer, either in quarterly CopperTeams Diagnostic data, in the Launch Workshop, or in any Training Forum. 

  10. Your team’s completion rate for the quarterly Copper Teams Assessment, tailored to focus on specific learning objectives plus essential elements, is 100%.   Quarterly assessment data is one way your team monitors growth and setbacks and how your trainer does the same.
  11. Your team took reasonable advantage of CopperTeam’s on-demand coaching and client support services when offered.   We are here to support your team’s development journey between Forums, and your interaction with us is critical to our service and your success. 

  12. Your team leader joins a “Program Review” discussion with your trainer at least once per quarter, unless the trainer doesn’t see the need to extend a Program Review invitation in any quarter.   Candid feedback on wins and what could be upgraded, from both sides, is the expectation.   
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